Some of you know that I have landed back in south-eastern B.C. after a winter of exploration across the west. Soon after I arrived, I was thrown a curve ball that resulted in the continuation of my gypsy life in a community I have called home for 22 years. While there have been challenges, I’ve experienced many unexpected blessings, including a memorable six-week stint in a cabin on the shores of Kootenay Lake. Recently, my rambles have led me to a master grower’s food garden.

Diane Lucton came to this region in the mid-1970s and purchased acreage just up the road from where I am currently staying. Before I had finished unpacking my gypsy bags, I was taking a walk up the road to volunteer myself to her as a weeder.The sunny plateau where she grows food is ringed by forest, a busy creek with lots of water and commanding views of the Purcell Mountains.

Diane’s garden was a heap of hot gravel when she bought the land. Forty years later, a rich, productive world rambles all around her house. Raised beds are filled at the moment with greens, asparagus, herbs and….weeds. Writers need lots of down-time, to sort out thoughts and unblock ideas. Weeding is the perfect work.

The best part: Diane shares garden produce in exchange for my time.

Written by Eileen Delehanty Pearkes